Why send gifts during lockdown

Due to the current global Covid 19 pandemic, the year 2020 is now being known as the year of the new normal, having forced people all over the world to stay home quarantined and stay safe as they maintain social distance. While on the one hand social distancing has brought most of us closer to our families and loved ones as we have more time now than ever before to spend quality time being at home; on the other, it has made it difficult for others to meet with their friends, families and relatives especially on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other such festivities and events. On such times, you would do anything to really be present with the people that mean so much to you and wish to hug them or grace them with your physical presence, but you just don’t know how.

What if we told you now you can! With The Perfect Present – your presence will always be present even if you can’t! With our curated gift options, you will be able to spread the love and be a part of their happiness by presenting them with wonderful personalized/customized gifts that will always remind them of you – no matter where you are! We will be sure to curate the present as per your needs and specifications and deliver them on the exact date and time specified by you. So whether it is your best friend’s birthday, your parents anniversary, your cousin’s wedding or just a token of appreciation to someone you love, no matter what the occasion is – you can be sure to gift them The Perfect Present with our gift curating services, ensuring that each gift is as unique and wonderful as you are to them – especially during this lockdown!.

Brighten someone’s day with a bunch of flowers or send them new to brighten up their year. Can’t take your friend to the pub to celebrate a special birthday? Send them their favourite drinks with a personalized card! Gifting lockdown presents needn’t be difficult when there is a vast range of gift items that are guaranteed to make someone’s day. Here is a list of lockdown gift ideas to inspire you. Everything listed here is just a few clicks away from being delivered to someone’s door. If you’re looking for  Father Day present ideas, gift ideas for new mums or lockdown date night ideas we’ve got you covered.


  • Customised Cards and Gift Accessories

It is simple idea but sending a card you’d usually hand over in person is an affordable way to celebrate and share some thoughts and love throughout lockdown. We have a range of card designs which can be personalised by you as per your choice and depending on the occasions, age, other traits of the person you wish to send it to to. You can send us some of your photos and we can create a cute themed photo album or send us some heartfelt messages you would wish to say to them – and we can curate them in a crafty manner such as message in a light up bottle, or as a special card, or even accessorised on items like a personal wall hanging, mug,  or T-shirt made especially for them.


  • Customizable Gift Box

With our wide range of gift box option ranging from our widely popular birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day presents, to new born baby boy/ baby girl gifts and specially curated gift option for him/her including our Valentines Day and date night specials! Choose from a wide array of these special custom gifts and gift boxes for equally special occasions and people you love. But that’s not all, you can message us or call us with your DIY ideas and gift options that you wish to have included in your own personalized gift box, your wish will be our command and we will get it delivered for you just the way you want it!


  • Send A Care Package

Stay connected to the people that matter most to you, no matter where in the world they may be. Whether it’s a soothing face mask and bath salts for them to detox after a long day working from home, or desktop essentials to help them create a fun, stress-free Work From Home space of their dreams, send some love their way with a custom care package, courtesy of our expert gifting team! Don’t just tell them you love them, reach out and shower them with your love too with our gifting options, now more than ever before!


The Perfect Present started off because of the idea of showing your love and appreciation by being there for someone especially when you physically cannot. Now more than ever, our Team is here to help you do just that for your family, friends, employees, clients, or partners, near or far away.


While the social distance can get hard to bear, we are all in this together!  Keeping in mind that these measures are essential to help us, our close ones and the world at large to stay safe for a threat-free and better tomorrow. As you maintain social distance today, we hope you stay socially connected with your loved ones during this time, by gifting them a present to let them know you care and are always there for them with our curated selection of gifts that will definitely put a smile on their face.

P.S: During these times, parties, plans, events, and even work can wait, but your relationships don’t have to!


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