Why Gifting on Father’s Day is important and special

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s in the world.

The single dad, the dad who lives in a different country, the mother’s who played the role of a dad, an uncle who took over as a dad and the dads who are somewhere in heaven. Whichever environment we’ve been brought up in, dads have played an imperative role in our lives. Least to say, whatever we are today has somewhat been influenced by our father or fatherly figure. This post is dedicated to all the fathers out there, who took responsibility and became a mentor, a friend, a positivity coach, a teacher, a top notch (mother might not agree) chef and what not. So many hats worn by one individual, who’s standing right behind us ready to catch us when we fall.

Our culture has made fatherly roles so challenging and tiring, that even on weekends, our fathers might not have a day off. A father in our culture is expected to be the sole bread-earner and he might work extra to support a bigger family. Even if your father’s a grumpy old man who’s always giving you a difficult time, we think it’s time to give them a break!

Let’s dedicate this post to those real-life heroes in our lives.
There’s always a debate on Father’s Day, that why is it even important to celebrate this day in the first place? Should everyday be Father’s Day? Shouldn’t we be showering Father’s with love every single day? The answer lies in your own self. Ask yourself, other than Father’s day, or a father’s birthday, is there any day in a year where you dedicate a whole day just to your father to acknowledge every time he spent working to fulfil your dreams? To thank him for bringing in your favourite meal? For helping you fight those monsters under your bed? For being the yes person when mom says no? For protecting you from the malevolent? For teaching you how to be firm, how to be strong and how to stand up for yourself? For taking charge when your mom gets tired? For being a single dad and wearing another extra hat? We become so engrossed in our dreams, our ambitions, our goals that we forget about that one person who fuels our powerhouse for going out there in the world and achieving them. We forget to tell our father’s that we love them.

So, we have Father’s Day, just to appreciate the endless sacrifices, love and mentoring that they give us. We shower them with love and what’s the best way to do that? Ah, yes! The perfect Father’s Day present.

If our Father’s can run out late at night to get us our favourite Mcdonald’s Milshake, why wouldn’t we take a moment and choose the perfect little treat for our real-life heroes? They deserve it!

This could be a perfectly boxed shaving kit, a perfume set, some cufflinks or a PlayStation game for a gamer dad!
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