How often do you spend hours deciding for a gift and still conclude with nothing? Basis our primary research the most common hurdles people face while gifting are: Budget, Utility, Access to resources & Time span.

The Perfect Present is One Stop Shop to all your gifting problems.

We need from you:

• Personality : provide us with a few words to describe the person you are gifting to
• Colour: specify the colour palate if any
• Budget: we have hampers available across a wide price range

Our team will get back to you within 24 hours, with a list of possible gifting options for you to select from or you can pick from our wide range of pre-curated presents

Here at The Perfect Present, there is something for everybody!

Ms. Pooja Agarwal, The Perfect Present’s founder and CEO, plays a fundamental role in the online gifting industry.
In 2019, she started her career in the online gifting space; through her discussions with friends and family, Pooja began to recognise there was a greater need for convenient gifting channels.
A business graduate from University of Bath, UK; Pooja amalgamated her artistry to curate The Perfect Present.

Our team at The Perfect Present curates every gift with meticulous analysis of your requirements. We have a range of hampers for all age groups and for every occasion. The items in every hamper are hand-picked by our founder from different parts of the world. We make sure that all the elements in the hamper follow a colour-coordinated palate. The process of fabricating every gift is stuffed with passion and love. We aim to spread smiles through every gift hamper.